Home port: Pärnu Yacht Club - Lootsi 6, Pärnu 80012

About us


SailEstonia values and principles

  • We reduce the amount of our waste and sort it.
  • We do not use disposable plastic utensils – or accessories – when providing the service.
  • We use energy-efficient light sources – the catamaran’s lighting is all LED and solar panels are also used.
  • We introduce sea traditions and values to our guests – we have organised and will continue to organise excursions in cooperation with the Pärnu Yacht Club to tell our guests about the sea and maritime traditions. We are partners in organising training courses and conducting internships for the Pärnu Maritime Centre.
  • We reduce excessive food waste.
  • We prefer to partner with businesses that provide local and seasonal food.
  • We use tap water instead of water dispensers and bottled water – the catamaran’s water tanks are filled with tap water, so we don’t use bottled water on our trips. We also try to offer this to all our guests.
  • We build partnerships and buy services from companies that apply sustainable principles.

Sustainable and fully insured

Competent and experienced captains