Home port: Pärnu Yacht Club - Lootsi 6, Pärnu 80012

Good sailing practices


Good sailing practices

On La Boheme, as on any ship, the most important and honourable man is the captain, whose orders and commands must be obeyed and whose decisions must be respected and carried out.

Everyone is advised to wear a lifejacket while on board, and little ones must definitely wear one. Anyone who would like a lifejacket should feel free to let the team know, and the team will provide the necessary safety equipment.

The catamaran La Boheme is big and spacious, and you could even dance on the deck, but then you’ll always have to take care of your own safety – always hold on to something with one hand when moving around the vessel!

When boarding the catamaran, please wear shoes that are comfortable, light-soled, and do not leave marks on the deck or other parts of the vessel.

Consumption of your own food and drink is allowed on board, subject to prior agreement. Consumption of red wine on deck or on board is not allowed.

Prepare well before your trip: check the weather forecast, bring sunscreen, if necessary, warm clothes, swimwear, beach towels, and other essentials. When at sea, passengers are advised to wear a head covering or hat.

If you want to get more familiar with sailing, tell the crew and they’ll teach you the basics of sailing, and you’ll get to participate in teamwork to the extent of your abilities.

If the weather conditions are so bad that they pose a risk to passengers, the captain has the right to cancel or postpone the trip.

It is also possible to be inside the catamaran. here is a toilet, TV, kitchenette with a stove, oven, and fridge.