Home port: Pärnu Yacht Club - Lootsi 6, Pärnu 80012


The aim of the project ‘Unique Sea Voyages on the Baltic Sea’ is to increase the visibility of Estonia as an attractive tourist destination through the development of maritime tourism, thereby increasing the number of overnight stays and the length of stay of guests.

The main goal of the project is to create new maritime tourism products, stimulate business in the region, and develop cooperation between tourism operators and maritime tourism service providers.

The direct targets are:

  1. to raise Estonia’s profile as a maritime tourism destination;
  2. to increase the visibility of Pärnu and raise the profile of Pärnu as a destination for marine tourism and an attractive holiday destination;
  3. to increase the number of tourism products related to maritime tourism and thereby contribute to increasing the number of visitors’ stays;
  4. to increase cooperation between Pärnu’s marine tourism service providers, the municipality, and businesses by creating joint packages.

The project is supported by: European Regional Development Fund.

‘Funded as part of the Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic’

Grant amount: 196 735 euros